Ereskigal, known as Risky to her friends (and she has no friends), is drop-dead gorgeous. She has luscious red hair, dark red lips, unbelievably green eyes, and perfect, pale skin. When she talks, you can’t help but listen because Ereskigal is mesmerizing. But not nice. So very not nice. In fact, evil. In fact, really, really quite evil. Hot but evil. It’s sad when those two things go together, isn’t it?

Ereskigal is the daughter of the Pale Queen herself, the most terrifying evil force the world has ever faced. If the Pale Queen dies, her daughter will inherit her tremendous powers—which means as long as Ereskigal is alive, the world will never be safe. Too bad she can’t die . . . at least not on the first eleven tries. Ereskigal has twelve lives—which is really unfair—and so far, she’s lived for ten thousand years without suffering even a single death. Mack and the Magnificent Twelve are going to have a lot of trouble with this girl.

She used to love Gilgamesh, before he ran in fear of the Pale Queen and she now loves Mack, because he reminds her of 'Gil'. She becomes mortal in the end in exchange to bring Dietmar back to life.