Mack mackavoy

Mack MacAvoy

Twelve-year-old Mack MacAvoy has never been accused of being brave. A born bully magnet, he has so many phobias he’s even developed a phobia of phobias. To top it off, Mack’s not especially big, or strong, or wise, or even good-looking. In fact, he has a serious case of mediumitis. But sometimes the best heroes are the most unlikely ones, and Mack will have to prove that’s the case . . . or end up dead.

Because flowing through Mack’s veins is the blood of ancient heroes, and with that blood comes a destiny. Mack must assemble the Magnificent Twelve: a team of twelve twelve-year-olds from around the world who know nothing of the great powers they possess. It will be a difficult voyage. There will probably be threats, there will most likely be terror, and there will definitely be death. But Mack must attempt it. Because only the Magnificent Twelve have a shot at saving the world from the Pale Queen, the greatest evil it has ever faced. Show Details